At 7K Roping, we didn’t make the brand…we were created BY the brand. The 7K iron that marks our livestock represents generations of ranchers, cattlemen and women, ropers and rodeo contestants whose livelihood depended on their ability to handle a horse and a rope, in that order.  For the 7K family, gathering cattle and roping have always provided reasons (and excuses) for family members to load their horses and come together to work and to rope.  Whether rounding up, dragging calves to the fire, or competing, the goals have always been simple…be prepared, stay focused, be smooth and efficient and have fun.  Success in the arena, the pasture or the branding pen has always been a byproduct of those fundamentals. 

Our Mission Statement

At 7K Roping, our mission is to elevate ropers and their horses to their fullest potential by creating innovative training equipment that focuses on fundamentals. We endeavor to provide tools that offer the greatest return on time and dollars invested in training. We understand that equipment with more options provides more challenges and better preparation, which is essential for optimal results. Our purpose is to help our customers and their horses work together and be better prepared to efficiently rope livestock whether for competition, livelihood or pleasure. We strive to treat every customer as our friend and potential repeat customer, and to sell the best products at the most reasonable price and shipping cost.  We are committed to the support and advancement of the roping, rodeo, ranching and horse training industries and to the furtherment of the western family lifestyle.

Shannon & Sandy Stephens


  • Be nice to folks
  • Try hard but train harder
  • and…try not to drag a calf to the fire by one leg

If you ever have a problem with any of our products, we fully stand behind them and will do whatever we need to make it right for the customer.