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We pride ourselves on offering the very best roping training systems for Header, Heeler, and Horse available on the market today. Our revolutionary Something Steer training system and all available accessory and component parts are all you need to take your roping to the next level. If you'd like to learn more about our product lines, browse the helpful videos and documents below.

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Sleds, Dummies and Horse

Something Steer Total Training System Brochure (PDF)

Roping Sled Comparison Chart (PDF)
Simply put, the Something Steer Total Training Package leads the market in features and value. Get more training options for Header, Heeler and Horse, with precision-engineered, lightweight materials … all at a price and shipping cost that won’t be beat! This handy chart shows how we stack up against the competition.

Something Steer Roping Sled Comparison

Something Dummy - Roping Heading Dummy

Something Sled Assembly Instructions

Something Steer Super Horns Extreme Heading Training

Dally Post and NevaWrap

Dally Post Brochure(PDF)

Dally Post Installation Instructions (PDF)

Dally Post - Overview

Dally Post - The NevaWrap

Dally Post - Design & Safety

Dally Post - Options & Features

Dally Post - How to Get One