We have had ours (Something Sled) for 3 weeks now. Use it about 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. We head and heel on it. Great product and we love it. Investment well made."

Donnie G., OK

I ordered a Something Steer. It arrived very fast and is awesome. Very well put together. Especially the way the horns attach. I love it."

Seth W., ID

7K Saddle with Dally Post - The NevaWrap worked amazing. Not a mark on it after lots of runs and on fresh cattle.

Cody B., TX

We love our Something Sled, we use it mostly for breakaway practice but it’s great to be able to put the horns on and rope when they want to!!"

Jaclyn C., CA

I really enjoy the lifelike shape of the Something Dummy."

Jeff K., VT

Just got mine (Something Steer Total Training System) put together and it went together easily. I recommend checking out the Youtube video since there are a couple things I could see that would be confusing if you didn’t watch it. It’s well made and the customer service was outstanding! I highly recommend the Something Steer and sled. our daughter does breakaway too, so the removable horns were a big selling point. Plus the price is great for what you get. Out of all the sleds this one has the most versatility. It’s inexpensive, but it ain’t cheap.

Jay S., NM

My whole thought process is from a header's perspective, there's never been a system that allows you to completely make a run....When your rope pops off (of the other sleds) it's hard to do any form of training. You guys did a great job designing this, it works just as you said it would and more. This is exactly what I've been wanting on training a head horse.

Cody M., TX

I'm almost embarrassed how excited I am to get my Something Sled. I feel like a little kid. And I'm an old man!

Mitchell, MN

These SuperHorns are awesome! They will definitely force you to learn to keep your loop open and get your tip around. There's no cheatin' them.

Sam H., TX

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