Martha Angelone

―  Professional Breakaway Roper  ―

- World Champion Breakaway Roper
  • - 3X Wrangler NFBR qualifier
  • - NFR Open Champion
  • - San Antonio Rodeo Champion

    7K Product Testimony

  • "The Something Calf and full line of calf roping training products are realistic and portable and kind of a no brainer. But, I also team rope and train roping horses so I'm just as excited to be using the Something Steer as a complete training tool for my head and heel horses. I especially like the stretch of the bungee tow rope on both sleds. When I was growing up, my dad would tie an innertube to the tow rope to give our sled some give and react more like real livestock. 7K has done a great job of making practice equipment as realistic as possible."