7K Diamond Roper Saddle

7K Diamond Roper Saddle

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Our 7K Diamond Roping Saddle is professionally crafted in Greenville, Texas and designed specifically for team ropers and ranchers. 

  • The cantle is just a little higher to help you push up on acceleration and give you stability to pull back.
  • The seat is configured to keep your center of gravity forward.
  • The swells are crafted to provide better leverage for your thighs to help with balance, especially on aggressive shots.
  • The skirt is strategically cutout at the cinches to keep the bars snug to your horse while reducing side pressures on the skirt.
  • The fender cutouts provide a narrower stance for improved balance and delivery and allow for better communication with your horse through leg pressure.
  • The patented Dally Post HD with the detachable cap makes it easy to rotate or swap out the Nevawrap 2.0 dally traction device.
  • The patented Nevawrap 2.0 can be rotated to eight different positions to distribute the wear. It is constructed with proprietary materials designed and tested specifically for traction, abrasion resistance, tear strength and UV resistance.  It comes with a metal insert that prevents rotation around the Post. 

The Nevawrap 2.0 is guaranteed to:

  • Stop the Clock
  • Reduce Rope Run
  • Save Time
  • Save Ropes
  • Save Money
  • Outperform & Outlast Conventional Rubber Strips
  • Prevent rope snags
  • Reduce rope pop offs
  • Provide a Safer Dally with More Consistent Wearing Surface

  • Fiberglass Covered Wood Tree
  • Hermann Oak Leather - 3/4 Tooling
  • 3/4 Diamond Stamp and Floral Tooling
  • Leather Aluminum Slanted Stirrups
  • 6" Flank Cinch
  • Skirt Cutouts for Latigo and Fender
  • In Skirt Rigging
  • Full Padded Sued Seat

  • Weight = 40 lbs
  • Gullet Width = 6 7/8"
  • Gullet Height = 7 1/2"
  • Swell Width = 13"
  • Cantle Width = 13"
  • Cantle Height = 4"
  • Quarter Horse Bars
  • Slanted Roper Stirrups

Saddle trees and Dally Posts come with a lifetime warranty limited to the normal and proper use of the product.  Saddle components and construction are warrantied from manufacturers defects for a period of 5 years.  The Nevawrap comes with a performance guarantee.

Call for custom options and pricing. 866-427-3876

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