7K Something Horse - Team Roping, Calf and Breakaway Roping Practice Mount
7K Rope Something Horse with Roughout Roper Saddle
7K Rope Something Horse Flyer
7K Something Horse - Team Roping, Calf and Breakaway Roping Practice Mount

7K Something Horse - Team Roping, Calf and Breakaway Roping Practice Mount

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Proper dummy practice is critical to any training program. But when you compete, you don’t throw your loop from a standing position on the ground.

The Something Horse (patent pending) gives you the perfect practice setup to work on body positioning and create muscle memory that will give you the greatest chance of success.  Roping the head, heel or calf dummy from your stirrups at the same height as your horse and delivering your loop at the same angle as you would in the arena will create better habits. Better habits translate to higher confidence and more victories.  

The Something Horse Lets You:

  • Practice your heading, heeling, calf and breakaway roping from a realistic saddle stance
  • Practice delivery to your target from proper angles and positions
  • Practice roping over and around your horse’s head
  • Practice reining, hand positioning, posture and leg positioning
  • Practice dallying or safely learning to dally
  • Strap your saddle same as your horse.  No need to remove girth and flank cinches
  • Perfect saddle fit that doesn't lean forward like other horses
  • Fenders and stirrups included for without saddle
  • Adjust horse height to match your horse from 13.3 hands to 15.2 hands (55-62 inches) with simple lock pins
  • Safely mount, sit, stand and deliver with complete stability
  • Easily assemble and disassemble with basic components for hauling or storage
  • Easily reposition or move with caster wheels provided
  • Optional pneumatic shoot offers real time breakaway practice


  • Complete Something Horse (Pnuematic Powered Chute Optional)
  • Saddle BossTM saddle mount for perfect saddle fit
  • Fenders and roper stirrups
  • Reins and saddle NOT INCLUDED
  • Dummy and Sled NOT INCLUDED (See separate listings for Combo Packages)


  • Durable steel construction, made in Texas, USA.
  • 130lb total product weight with low center of gravity – stable for ropers of all ages
  • 400lb weight capacity
  • 56” length without head, 86” length with head (Head is easily removed for storage)
  • 36” width
  • 55”-62” Height at withers (top of Saddle Boss


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