7K Dally Post HD and NevaWrap 2.0
7K Dally Post HD with Nevawrap 2.0 Roping Saddle Horn Dally Rubber
7K Dally Post HD and NevaWrap 2.0
7K Dally Post HD without Cap Roping Saddle Horn
Dally Post Saddle Horn Custom Horn Cap
Roping Saddle Horn - Dally Post
Old Style Roping Saddle Horn
Dally Post Saddle Horn Swirl Cap
NevaWrap Dally Rubber for Dally Post Not Rubber Wrap
NevaWrap 2.0 Dally Rubber - Not Roping Rubber Wraps
7K Dally Post HD and NevaWrap 2.0
7K Dally Post HD and NevaWrap 2.0

7K Dally Post HD and NevaWrap 2.0

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Product Description:

Did you know:

  • You lose about a 10th of a second for every foot of rope that you slide.
  • Our patented NevaWrap 2.0 provides more surface area and better traction than rubber strips.
  • The NevaWrap 2.0 isn't just another rubber product.  It's a proprietary formula of materials developed and tested specifically for the perfect combination of traction, abrasion resistance, tear strength and UV resistance.
  • An avid roper can spend days of his/her life buying, searching, begging, finding, peeling off and wrapping strips of tube around a conventional horn.
  • You only use about 10% of a rubber strip before it breaks.
  • The Nevawrap has 8 primary wearing surfaces...rotates to 4 positions and turn it over for even greater longevity.

The NevaWrap 2.0 is guaranteed to:

  • Stop the Clock
  • Reduce Rope Run
  • Save Time
  • Save Ropes
  • Save Money
  • Outperform & Outlast Conventional Rubber Strips
  • Prevent rope snags
  • Reduce rope pop offs
  • Provide a Safer Dally with More Consistent Wearing Surface

The patented Dally Post HD replaces conventional saddle horns and the NevaWrap 2.0 dally device means you will never have to wrap again. A push button embedded safely in the top of the cap releases the bearings in the Heavy Duty locking pin (upgraded from original design) which allows the cap to be removed. The NevaWrap 2.0 with inner aluminum sleeve slides effortlessly over the Dally Post and the cap snaps back into place.  The aluminum sleeve prevents any chance of the NevaWrap turning, even on the heaviest cattle or hardest of jerks.

The push button is recessed to avoid hand injury or accidental activation. An oversized safety hole ensures the cap won't accidentally come off. One-way interlocking elements prevent the cap from rotating or being installed incorrectly.

  • One Dally Post HD (Heavy Duty)
  • One NevaWrap 2.0 (Proprietary Formula and Aluminum Insert)
  • Tree Attachment Hardware Upon Request

Saddle makers and individuals may call for quantity discounts.

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