7K NevaWrap 2.0 for Dally Post
7K NevaWrap 2.0 for Dally Post - Insert

7K NevaWrap 2.0 for Dally Post

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Product Description:

The NevaWrap 2.0 is upgraded with a zero-turn aluminum insert and a proprietary formula of materials developed and tested specifically for the perfect combination of traction, abrasion resistance, tear strength, UV resistance and longevity. The Nevawrap 2.0 is guaranteed to:

  • Stop the Clock
  • Reduce Rope Run
  • Save Time
  • Save Ropes
  • Save Money
  • Outperform & Outlast Conventional Rubber Strips
  • Prevent rope snags
  • Reduce rope pop offs
  • Provide a Safer Dally with More Consistent Wearing Surface

Average life expectancy for heelers is 1.5+ years.

Average life expectancy for headers is 2+ years.

Thick symmetrical design easily outlasts 50 strips of standard dally rubber. Lift off, rotate and turn it over to distribute the wear to increase longevity…saving you money. The NevaWrap 2.0 slides effortlessly over the Dally Post. The cap snaps back into place…saving you time to focus. The textured finish, contoured surface and hourglass shape provide more surface area for better rope contact, better traction, less slide and more bite, especially with today's smaller and smoother ropes….saving you time off the clock and wear on your ropes. Features a safe concave design for tight fit to eliminate rope snags at the swell, and the flared top reduces rope pop offs…helping save your fingers.

  • One NevaWrap 2.0 (must have Dally Post HD)

Saddle makers, dealers and customers may call for quantity discounts.